Digital Rangoli Tiles Manufacturer and Supplier in India

A Wide Range of Rangoli Tiles 

OR Ceramic is a brand that is well known in the field of manufacturing & supplying of Rangoli Tiles. We have a wide variety of Digital Rangoli Border Tiles which can use for the living room, bedroom, washroom, kitchen, rooms floor, hall etc. And our Rangoli Tiles are available in different sizes, like 600x600mm, 1200x1200mm, and 1200x1800mm. We are already suppliers, manufacturers, exporters, traders of our products in Mizoram, West Bengal, Tripura, Jammu Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh (UP), Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh (AP), Bihar, and Punjab and we are trying our best to expand our selling areas in all over India.

Leading Successful Development as a Rangoli Tiles Seller 

Predictions are meant to be challenged, and assumptions involved to be busted. OR Ceramic Tiles has been proved that by establishing standards worldwide in the area of ceramics development. Though we were started as a small tiles manufacturing company in Gujarat, India, now we are leading in the world by just following our goals, offering high-quality products, all-time services, and guidelines.

Our legacy derives from a deeply established desire to append a value to our client’s life by allowing them to relax and appreciate the beauty of nature! OR Ceramic Tiles has gained significant expertise in designing, manufacturing, and supplying cost-effective and natural tiles products with a wide span of collections having the high-class quality. 

Who Are We? 

OR Ceramic is a leading Indian company to provide ceramic Rangoli tile to various areas like Mizoram, West Bengal, Tripura, Jammu Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh (UP), Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh (AP), Bihar, and Punjab. We are a Designer Rangoli Tiles Manufacturing Company trading various tiles with wide varieties. Designing and Development processes of tiles are taken out by specialists of advanced tools in OR Ceramic. 

Why Can Rangoli Tiles Be Used? 

Everyone has a dream to have the best decorative home, and this dream can be fulfilled with the best interior design, tiles, roof designs, painting, etc. Before planning the house designs, the tiles selection should be covered reliably. The tile selections show one’s concerns about home decorations and lifestyle. While choosing the tiles, you can consider the Rangoli tiles to decorate your hall, living area, puja room, gallery, and more where you want. Rangoli tiles are available in various colors and sizes ( 600x600mm Rangoli Tiles, 1200x1200mm Rangoli Tiles, and 1200x1800mm Rangoli Tiles ).

The unique thing about our Rangoli tile is glossy, crystal coating, high quality, and the design will be composed on the glass. Our Rangoli tiles are fascinated by many of our customers, and we have a vast collection of designer Rangoli tiles with beautiful colors and textures.

Benefits of Using Rangoli Tiles

Do you want to design your home just like your dream house? The best option is to go for a Rangoli tile. Maintenance of such tiles is easy, and you can wash it or clean it using water easily. The color combination we have done in our Rangoli tiles make your room very elegant and beautiful.

Rangoli tiles have been using for many years and were designed for homes to give a traditional look. Rangoli tiles offer many benefits and make your own home looking rich. Newly there have been some excellent new designs added by our experts.

Our Quality Policy 

We at OR Ceramics believe in complete client satisfaction. Our team of experts is exceptionally qualified to give professional and courteous client service and want to distribute our high-quality products. We have expert employees who could create blocks, parts, stones, etc., with the most pleasure of the customers. We assure you of the proper delivery of high-quality Rangoli Tiles. We have our complete focus on producing high-quality products and distributing them as per the timeline!